Book – Aghora – At the left hand of God

Introduction to a book – Aghora – At the left hand of God – Chirag Patel 2021 February 20 Saturday Saptarshi 8696 Mahaa Shukla Ashtami

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Name of the book: AGHORA – At the left Hand of God
Writer: Robert E. Svoboda
Published: 1986
Price: USD 26.95
Pages: 327
Type: Biography, Spirituality/Eastern Religion/Tantra

Publisher: Brotherhood of Life, USA

This book is written by Dr Robert E. Svoboda as an introduction to eastern religion especially Indian Tantra to western readers. The book is very well written with lucid style. Author uses small/medium size sentences thru’out the book and thus this is a very easy read for everyone.

The book is written as author being a first person interacting with many characters in real life who are somehow related to tantra. One towering figure this book talks about is Shri Vimalanandji who Dr Svoboda mentions as his mentor and guru. Dr Svoboda visited Pune in late 1970’s and came in contact with a person who was a tantrik or aghori! Dr Svoboda does not mention his real name in the book and prefers to call him Vimalanand. Per the book, Viamalanandji was a well-established Gujarati family businessman with lavish lifestyle. This was who Vimalanandji for the world. But, he was a tantrik/aghori in his personal life!

The author narrates his interaction with Vimalanandji in great details. He mentions, how Vimalanandji transformed his thought process into an ardent believer in tantra. Thru this journey of author, reader is also engulfed into vast knowledge of tantra! Majority of us stay away from tantra/aghora – the left hand of the god. But, after reading this book, one shall surely be in love with tantra and shall dive deeper into the subject.

It seems that all the characters in life of Vimalanandji are tightly inter-woven with the life of the author. The way these interactions have unfolded in the book, is a very very commendable style.

The book provides profound observations author had about tantra. It also provides details of various tantrik processes which a common reader can also employ in daily life. For example, one can offer food to God via fire within stomach and imbibe it as prasaad. This is very simple thing that we all can do and reap benefits of tantra/aghora path!

I urge everyone to read this book without any prejudice against tantra/aghora.

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