Diwali 101

Diwali 101 - Chirag Patel 2020 Nov 14 Namaste!Happy Diwali to you all.Diwali or as it is originally called – Deepavali, means row of lamps.It’s a festival of lights.Diwali is the biggest and the grandest festival in India.There are some variations in celebration across various states in India. Yet, lighting lamps, making rangoli - that … Continue reading Diwali 101

Sadhguru’s grace on me

Sadhguru's grace on me - Chirag Patel 2020 March 07 Saptarshi 8695 Falgun Trayodashi Shukla This is what I wrote on 2008 November 02 on my Gujarati language blog. In late 2005, I had a dream of young sannyasi. He was wearing saffron robe. He had tripundra tilak of ash on forehead. He wore rudraksha … Continue reading Sadhguru’s grace on me

Hindu Tolerance

Hindu Tolerance - Chirag Patel 2019 Nov 17 Saptarshi 8696 kartik krushna shashthi #hindu #tolerance Hindu is a term derived from geography. People living in the region of river Sindhu are called Hindu. Persians could not pronounce "S" and thus the word "hindu" was coined in Arabic world which became famous in Europe. Religious practice … Continue reading Hindu Tolerance

Geography from Purana

Geography from Purana - Chirag Patel July 02, 2017 In ancient puranic texts, we find references to geographical terrains. Also, puranas mention different worlds.Jambu Dvipa - salty oceanPlaksha Dvipa - sugarcane juice oceanShaalmali Dvipa - alcoholic wine oceanKusha Dvipa - ghee oceanKauncha Dvipa - milk oceanShaaka Dvipa - curd oceanPushkara Dvipa - drinkable water oceanMap … Continue reading Geography from Purana

Sadhana Foreword

Vedic literature suggests four paths to mukti or liberation or nirvana or attainment – jnyan (Knowledge), karma (action), kriya (performing) and bhakti (devotion). When these four confluences together, true sadhana (realization) starts. Without that, whatever we do are mere preparatory steps. Knowledge – experience of omni-present brahman or of existence of brahman Karma – accept … Continue reading Sadhana Foreword

Earthquake baby – Chirag Patel

Earthquake baby - Chirag Patel Sep. 20, 2011 On January 26th, 2001; there was a very big earthquake in western part of India (state of Gujarat). I and my wife - Parul were there (Vadodara - our home city) at that time. My wife was 2 months pregnant by then. We were having tea and … Continue reading Earthquake baby – Chirag Patel

The Zen of Digital Dilemma – Chirag Patel

The Zen of Digital Dilemma - Chirag Patel May 1996 You are familiar with the word Zen (Maruti-Suzuki Zen's grace!). Some of you may know its actual meaning. Zen is the Buddhist way of living - developed by Japanese and Chinese disciples. Originally, this word was adopted from ધ્યાન (Dhyaana). It was mispronounced as "chan" … Continue reading The Zen of Digital Dilemma – Chirag Patel

અમેરિકન નાગરિકત્વ પરીક્ષા

અમેરિકન નાગરિકત્વ પરીક્ષા - American citizenship testWhat is the supreme law of the land? Question 1 Audio (157KB MP3)દેશનો સર્વોચ્ચ કાયદો કયો છે?*the Constitutionબન્ધારણWhat does the Constitution do? Question 2 Audio (245KB MP3)બન્ધારણ શું છે અને શું કરે છે?*sets up the governmentબન્ધારણ સરકારનું ગઠન કરે છે.defines the governmentબન્ધારણ સરકાર અને સરકારી કામોની વ્યાખ્યા આપે છે.protects … Continue reading અમેરિકન નાગરિકત્વ પરીક્ષા

Christmas Star – Chirag Patel

Christmas Star - Chirag Patel December 23, 2009 Whenever Christmas is in vicinity, we tend to think of Jesus, Mother Mary, Christmas Star, Bible, Carols, Santa Cluase… Ever wondered about Christmas Star - white, bright, twinkling in the East at dawn when Jesus was born? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_of_Bethlehem) It is said that three wise men (magi) from … Continue reading Christmas Star – Chirag Patel