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I am Chirag Patel. I was born in Vadodara, and lived at many places in western India and in USA at different times. My parents – Bansibhai and Rohiniben, nurtured me with all love and care and material things that they possible could give. I have lovely siblings – Payal and Kunal. My native place is a village – Heranj near Nadiad.

I married to Parul. She is a very lovely woman. She supported me well in all different situations. She gifted me with – our loving son Vrund and out heart daughter Svara!

I am fortunate to have wonderful and supportive relatives/friends/familiars – Digant, Vikasbhai, Hinabhabhi, Prafulbhai, Madhuben to name a few.

I did Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics from M S University, Vadodara. I attended Penn State for Master of Software Engineering, but felt disheartened continuing it.

I work as Lead/Manager Engineering, at Omnitracs. I worked on various technologies such as Infiniband switches for High Performance Computing (SuperComputer), 10G Ethernet bridge Fibre Channel switch, High speed measurements, Voice processing. I am fortunate to learn from my very able supervisors in all the companies I worked for – Anjaleem, McData, Brocade, QLogic, Tektronix, Omnitracs.

I started some ventures in India – Veejansh a first IoT product development unit in Vadodara, Ishtika a first agile/embedded/IoT development coaching institute in Vadodara.

I like writing in various literary forms – poems, travel experiences, science and religion analogies, short stories, sattires etc. I like reading a lot. I am a supporter of Gujarati and Sanskrut languages. Couple of noticeable books that have influenced me: Bhagvad Gita, Bhagavatam, The Dancing WuLi Masters, A Brief History of Time, The Tao of Physics, RajaYoga, Yoga Vaashistha, Atmakatha – Gandhiji, ChandiPaath, Ishoupanishad. The list goes on and on. I very much like spiritual music and Indian classical music. I am also a fan of A R Rehman.

I practice Raja Yoga every day. Atma-Dhyana is also a part of my daily worship to MAA.

You can contact me: chipmap@gmail.com



  1. હું તમને સત્કારવામાં, રાબેતા મુજબ જ, મોડો છું ચીરાગ ! પણ છેવટ અહીં પહોંચીને ખાસ કરીને તમારો પરીચય પામ્યાનો આનંદ તો માણું જ છું.

  2. After reading a comment on my poem, I was eager to know about you naturally and lo ! here I find you on SWRANJLI ! I am very much pleased to know about you that you are so much interested in music, literature and love for Sanskrit.I have liked the article by Bansidharbhai Patel in which I find poetry in prose, something very captivating.

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  4. ચિરાગભાઇ,
    પહેલી વાર તમારા બ્લોગ પેઈજ પર આવ્યો છું. તમારો પરિચય વાંચીને મળવાની ઈચ્છા થઈ આવી છે. આઇટી ઈજનેરી સાથે અધ્યાત્મનો જે સમન્વય તમે કરી શક્યા છો એ અદભુત કહેવાય.

    – હરસુખ થાનકી

  5. Dear Chirag…Many meetings with YOU as I read your comments on other Blogs…..But it seems this is the 1st time I visited your Blog & happy to read your Biodata….I hope you remain HAPPY as you share your thoughts with OTHERS via your Website. My Blog CHANDRAPUKAR is where I express my feelings from my HEART in words..So yours & my Blogs have some similarity. PLEASE when you find time do visit my Blog at>>>>>
    http://www.chandrapukar.wordpress.com Your comment will be appreciated.

  6. When Nice Is not Enough: The Art of Volunteering

    Dr. Chirag Patel recipient,
    Lewis Hine Award, honor.

    He comes, he sees, he improves.
    He creates frameworks for service.
    Efficient and effective—and 25!

    25 years of age,
    Such accomplishments of care
    So seemingly effortless ~
    All in the glow of the good doctor.

    To give back—such is the art
    Of the altruistic,
    The lucky ones
    Who can and do give so graciously.

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