Chirag Patel

A soul on path to TRUE self…


Copyright (c) 2006-2022 Chirag Patel

I am a technocrat, innovator and writer. I work as Principal Software Engineer at Solera, USA. I worked on various technologies such as super computers, Ethernet/Infiniband/Fibre Channel embedded switches, high-speed measurements, Internet of Things (IoT)/Cloud applications. I invented IANA registered networking protocol “Scintilla“.

I like writing in various literary forms – poems, travel experiences, science and religion analogies, short stories, satires etc. I like reading a lot. I am a supporter of Gujarati and Sanskrut languages. Couple of noticeable books that have influenced me: Bhagvad Gita, Bhagavatam, The Dancing WuLi Masters, A Brief History of Time, The Tao of Physics, RajaYoga, Yoga Vaashistha, Atmakatha – Gandhiji, ChandiPaath, Ishoupanishad. The list goes on and on. I very much like spiritual music and Indian classical music. I am also a fan of A R Rehman.

I practice Raja Yoga every day. Atma-Dhyana is also a part of my daily worship to MAA. Pujya Anandi Maa is my guru!

  • Engineering
  • Siddha yoga
  • Veda/Upanishad
  • Teaching C++/Java/Go
  • Learning

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