AGHORA – a review

Aghora - a review - Chirag Patel 2021 Feb 20 Name of the book: AGHORA - At the left Hand of GodWriter: Robert E. SvobodaPublished: 1986Price: USD 26.95Pages: 327Type: Biography, Spirituality/Eastern Religion/Tantra Publisher: Brotherhood of Life, USA This book is written by Dr Robert E. Svoboda as an introduction to eastern religion especially Indian Tantra … Continue reading AGHORA – a review

Diwali 101

Diwali 101 - Chirag Patel 2020 Nov 14 Namaste!Happy Diwali to you all.Diwali or as it is originally called – Deepavali, means row of lamps.It’s a festival of lights.Diwali is the biggest and the grandest festival in India.There are some variations in celebration across various states in India. Yet, lighting lamps, making rangoli - that … Continue reading Diwali 101

wsl2 shell network issue

I have ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS on Windows 10 home WSL2. I could not connect to internet from shell. I found that /etc/resolv.conf was linked to ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf. I followed these steps. > sudo unlink /etc/resolv.confFind out IP address vEthernet (WSL) adaptor on Windows. Say, it is vEthernet (WSL) IP address as nameserver address in ubuntu … Continue reading wsl2 shell network issue

Sadhguru’s grace on me

Sadhguru's grace on me - Chirag Patel 2020 March 07 Saptarshi 8695 Falgun Trayodashi Shukla This is what I wrote on 2008 November 02 on my Gujarati language blog. In late 2005, I had a dream of young sannyasi. He was wearing saffron robe. He had tripundra tilak of ash on forehead. He wore rudraksha … Continue reading Sadhguru’s grace on me

Hindu Tolerance

Hindu Tolerance - Chirag Patel 2019 Nov 17 Saptarshi 8696 kartik krushna shashthi #hindu #tolerance Hindu is a term derived from geography. People living in the region of river Sindhu are called Hindu. Persians could not pronounce "S" and thus the word "hindu" was coined in Arabic world which became famous in Europe. Religious practice … Continue reading Hindu Tolerance

Total Surrender Prayer

Total Surrender Prayer - Chirag Patel Saptarishi Samvat 8696 Kartik Shukla Shashthi 2019 November 02 Saturday O mother goddess!I am your occurrence completely!So, may my perseverance be your service,May my movement be your pilgrimage,May my thoughts be your reflections,and may my words be your praise!And whatever I do may that be your worship!Whatever I get, … Continue reading Total Surrender Prayer

Deepavali Skit

Deepavali Skit - Chirag Patel 2019 Nov 02 [Lakshmi is making rangoli with various colors. Hannah is passing by.]Hannah: Wow! Look at that beautiful art work of colors! What are you doing Lakshmi?Lakshmi: It's called rangoli. I am preparing for Diwali celebration.Hannah: Diwali? Tell me more.Lakshmi: Diwali is the most celebrated Indian festival. In many … Continue reading Deepavali Skit


You! – Chirag Patel 2013 Sep 13 Sun beaming overYour lightening smileSkyscrapers standing stillCaving us from surroundingsCar honking hastilyTrying to crush passersbyWhich stirredYour breasts a littleI saw youWith different eyes Reflecting thisWhile sitting in sturdy chairI realizedYou are specialYou are the only oneIn my life with whomI am sitting in crowdLike this whereYou and me … Continue reading You!