Color a file type with VIM

I am using gVim 8.0 for Windows. You can copy log.vim to C:\Program Files (x86)\Vim\vim80\syntax folder. You can add following lines to C:\Program Files … More

double precision rounding

Uses my_double_greater_check from double my_double_round( double val, int multiplier ) {          double val_adj = val * … More

Memory thrashing

Memory Thrashing compiled by Chirag Patel December 27, 2008 (Ref: Embedded Systems Design June 2008) Memory threshing is a typical … More

VIM configuration

Custom syntax with vim Chirag Patel August 10, 2015 On Linux, install vim if you do not have. On Windows, … More

detached process

If you want to run an application from ssh even if you exit ssh session, do the following: # nohup … More

bash prompt

# Put a timestame in front of the prompt in the form: # Oct24 12:28[user@host MY_PWD]$ PROMPT_COMMAND=echo -ne $(date +%-b%-e … More

atharvashira upanishad

atharvashira upanishad This upanishad is based on atharva veda. It has total 7 kanDikaas. [1] rudra is one, past, present, … More


adhyaatmopanishad This upanishad is based on shukla yajurveda. Below is my summary of its teaching. Its shaantipaaTha describes poorNa (whole). … More


avadhootopanishad This upanishad is from kruShNa yajurveda. Bhagavaan dattaatreya answered saankruti’s curiosity and thus this upanishad is born. aum saha naavavatu. saha nau bhunaktu. saha viryam karavaavahai. tejasvinaavadheetamastu … More