My beloved father – Bansibhai M Patel was born in a small village (Chunel) near Nadiad on November 16, 1951. He used to live in a nearby village – Heranj. He was the eldest son of Maganbhai Lallubhai Patel – MUKHI of the village.

Bansibhai left Heranj after schooling and did his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Commerce from a college in Nadiad. He also did ICWA. He appeared for the Indian Civis Services and cleared written exams. He couldn’t appear for the interview because of some government policy obstructed him. Then, he joined Gujarat Tactors at Vadodara. After 1.5 years working there, he joined Gujarat State Forest Development Corporation as junior accountant. He spent years in Godhara, Vansda (near Dang), and then Vadodara. He reached to the post of Deputy Finance Controller at GSFDC, Vanganga, Vadodara.

 He liked to read very much. He studied religion, philosophy, mantra/tantra vignan very deeply. He was a devotee of MAA Jagadamba and a disciple of Sri Ramakrushna Paramahansa, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Maa Sharadamanidevi. He liked to write his emotions and to show his feelings thru’ poems. His peoms were his analysis of life and his devotion to MAA.

For last 13-14 years, he suffered from Diabetes, Asthma. Even with severe health conditions, he used to write and to continue his quest to be a true devotee of MAA. He died on January 11, 2006.

He always wanted to publish his poems and articles as a book. I (Chirag) have started digitizing his work and publish thru’ this blog.

9 thoughts on “Bansidhar Patel

  1. તમે એ કાવ્યો પ્રગટ કરવા માગતા હો તો કહેજો, પ્રુફ વગેરેનું કામ હું અમદાવાદમાં બેઠે કરી શકીશ. એમની ઈચ્છા એ રીતે પુરી કરવી રહી.

    બંગાળે આપણને આપેલી આ ત્રણ યોગીઓની ભેટ આપણી શાશ્વત મુડી છે. તમને એની સુવાસ વારસામાં મળી છે એ ભાગ્ય વીશ્વની કોઈ પણ સંપત્તી કરતાં મોટું ગણાય.


  2. Dear Papa,
    Ruth ke hum se kabhi
    Jab chale jaaoge tum
    Yeh na socha tha kabhi
    Itane Yaad aaoge tum………
    I am proud to be your daughter

    Mane Garva chhe bhai ( Chirag) ke tame papa na vicharo ane laganine khara arth ma Parakashit karya ………

    You proved your name “Chirag”


  3. I am so sorry to find out that He died so young.
    I am also son of Heranj, Ta Nadiad, Gujarat.
    I hope you are doing fine and taking his good character in your life.
    I played with you uncle Kirit when I used to go to Heranj in my summer breaks. I live in US now.
    God bless.


    1. Wonderful tributes to your father. Pranaams to his works and memories. You are fulfilling his dreams and also giving the readers a benefit of his knowledge. I wish you the very best in all your endeavour.
      Your mother, Rohiniben, whom I have known for many years now, is also a great lady – devoted and inspiring.
      Best wishes and blessings to you.
      Vanita Thakkar

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  4. great work bhai!
    papa is always with us!
    he took his last beaths in room no:124
    as he insisted to get himself admitted in room no. that contains 7 somewhere!! (1+2+4=7).
    your b’day is also 7.
    So somewhere his last wish is linked to you


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