Touch of Samadhi – Chirag Patel 2021 April 07 Wed 8696 Saptarshi Samvat Falgun Krushna Ekadashi

Touch of Samadhi – Don’t be greedy or deceived by words. The experience is definitely of samadhi, but I am a common man, constantly striving to identify myself, and sharing the experience with you.

Every spiritual experience can be explained by physical actions or mental states. After all, we can only describe the effects on the gross body. Mostly we cannot express a deep feeling in certain words. The description stops relating at certain level. That is why it is desirable for a person to experience and understand him/herself. However, this is an attempt by me to put into words the experience of the touch of samadhi. Just as mankind’s ascension to the moon has been the birthplace of many blessed discoveries as a side effect, so too can the journey of the “self” continues to be explored in modern science laboratories if man continues to make many discoveries!

I have been doing dhyan regularly for 5 to 20 minutes every day for most part of my life without missing a beat. The degree of attention fluctuates. The intensity of dhyan also fluctuates. The focus also changes. Dhyan experiences also vary. Dhyan times also vary. Sometimes I wake up early at five in the morning. Sometimes, late in the morning. Sometimes, in the evening. Sometimes at night. Sometimes late at night. I enjoy dhyan the most at noon. The Wuhan virus pandemic has given me this opportunity to do dhyan for half an hour before the sun is completely overhead.

I sat in dhyan in the afternoon. In a short time, a slightly warm covering of about five centimeters formed around my entire body. The surroundings were a bit cold so I felt a little cold before I did dhyan. My cold disappeared as soon as this cover was produced! Gradually I noticed a circle between the eyebrows which was within dark brown and orange clouds. The circumference of the circle was not clear. It was like the sun shining in the clouds. My closed eyes slowly began to strain upward in the center of the forehead. The frowns also stretched upwards. The eyes could not be normal even if I wanted to. Many kinds of scenes flashed through my mind. At the same time, my whole body kept moving in a unique way. I would be in that position for a while and all of a sudden there was a light explosion where the rib cage makes the pit. At the same time, the whole body trembled as if it had received an electric shock. The shock subsided and the body began to oscillate slowly. In a few moments intense joy began to spread throughout the body. The married person experiences the momentary pleasure of the climax of intercourse. Compare the joy I felt similar to that there were many genitals all over my body and I enjoyed climax with them all. Plus, it was not just the joy of the moment, it was the joy of many minutes! I was in that state of intense pleasure for more than five minutes straight. Then, as if the mind could not digest it any more, I gradually got lost in drowsiness. I was able to control my mind now. I tried to wake up. That took a lot of effort. Even after waking up as if I was surrounded by intoxication. I became normal after a few minutes!

Science can explain this whole chronology through physiological actions, secretion of enzymes, chemical reactions. But how to bring that experience voluntarily is not possible at present. We can hope that science will progress in the future and this becomes accessible to the general public. However, the benefit will be only for the gross body. So how did the experience benefit me?

Spiritual science says that self-realization is the key to experiencing the ultimate. And, Samadhi is the key to self-realization. Dhyan is the key to samadhi. The experiences that take place in dhyan and samadhi are for keeping the mind tied. Because of these experiences, the seeker does not give up her/his path and does not stop without self-realization. Walking on this path makes me a person who does not hurt the society. Also, if I strive for the betterment of the society, then the benefit is not small!


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