PARUL – Chirag Patel Jul 11, 1998 Partition is physical darling; our Amorphous life really heading faster. Roaming here and … More


LOVE DOLLY – Chirag Patel Jul 21, 1998 Life, really, encircling and enchanting; Other than God, merely disarming. Vigour and … More

Life – Chirag Patel

Life – Chirag Patel Oct 09, 1998 What is life afterall? A little distance Between two hospitals? Or somthing more? … More

Shower – Chirag Patel

Shower – Chirag Patel Nov 19, 1998 Live like shooting star while meteor shower; Think like great flame while inferno … More

Invitation – Chirag Patel

Invitation – Chirag Patel Aug 02, 1998 Harmonic sound that creates uphoria, Dazzling me, stops my very verborrhea. Everlasting intuition … More

I Love You – Chirag Patel

I Love You – Chirag Patel             Apr 11, 1999   Instant view and a deep glimpse; Lasting forever, that’s … More

Intimacy – Chirag Patel

Intimacy – Chirag Patel Aug 20, 1998 Evanescent world, we are living in; Bounding us in its magical charm. Seized … More

INRANGE – Chirag Patel

 In this beautiful place, all we unite and work. Nightingales chirp here near Mount Laurel. Road is full of rocks … More