PARUL – Chirag Patel Jul 11, 1998

Partition is physical darling; our
Amorphous life really heading faster.
Roaming here and there – search for
Ubiquitous and unparallel – true diamond
Love. Isn’t it a God gift? Feel it intimately



LOVE DOLLY – Chirag Patel Jul 21, 1998

Life, really, encircling and enchanting;
Other than God, merely disarming.
Vigour and joy – all grabbed back;
Eternal feeling of lust and passion.

Doing all that are unwanted;
Ostentatious looking I am, but
Long lasting desire that makes us
Love each other. Really, wanting
You and your love honey. Here I am! In Heart!
Dedicated to my lovely wife

Life – Chirag Patel

Life – Chirag Patel Oct 09, 1998

What is life afterall? A little distance
Between two hospitals? Or somthing more?
Life begins with new hope. Life ends
With more hopes. Life is like marathon
Race. A run from little valley of womb
To little valley of mother earth! Truly,
Life is a chase. A chasae of unknown, a
Chase of known! Life is merely this? No.
Life is love. Life is joy. Life is happiness.
Life is relationship. Life is friendship.
Life is giving. Life is uphoria. Aboveall,
Life is a glimpse of God’s activity!

Shower – Chirag Patel

Shower – Chirag Patel Nov 19, 1998

Live like shooting star while meteor shower;
Think like great flame while inferno in tover.

Star glows to give life eventhough dying;
Flame glows to take life eventhough living.

Think big and reach where you are destined to;
Look minute and learn what you are ignored to.

Love like algae and grow like fungii;
Never sneer at ‘You’ and never overwhelm ‘I’.

Remembrance – Chirag Patel

Remembrance – Chirag Patel Jan 10, 1999

The first night of life, God asked “Who do you like?”,
Promptuous reply was mine, “Something you life”.

Euphemism it was; which unimpressed creator,
Elaborating, I unfolded truly my needs to narrator.

You like me, you love me, the unforgettable;
Feeling you give us is always fully untouchable.

You like love and I like to be loved forever;
God then created you, not mundane, for ever.

Your touch, your love, your carress, your warmth,
Your care, all made me mad swinging back and forth.

Then went away God, leaving me like a novice;
You taught me to live, yes, you are my choice.

Thankful to God I am. I was rustic, uncultured;
Thankful to you my love, I got pearl from culture.

Invitation – Chirag Patel

Invitation – Chirag Patel Aug 02, 1998

Harmonic sound that creates uphoria,
Dazzling me, stops my very verborrhea.

Everlasting intuition living in utopia,
Heart stops speaking – it’s a phobia.

Hurting you my actions – that’s a worry,
Inviting on a new eve of life, oh sorry.

Falling in love – really is a flow of water,
Through a road of rocks full of crater.

I Love You – Chirag Patel

I Love You – Chirag Patel             Apr 11, 1999


Instant view and a deep glimpse;

Lasting forever, that’s my feeling.


On the midway of life, wanting;

Very uncanny relations – truly spiritual.


Ephemeral mortals we are; though

Yells this heart “You are mine.”


Over and over, again and again, that’s

Uplifting, that’s love, mine truly.


My sweetheart – love you are,

Another soul of mine you are.

Yelling heart “there you are”,

Ultimatum, “here you are”.

Rippling brook says “there you are”,

Inner voice says “here you are”.


written on the eve of my wife(Mayuri/Parul)’s first birthday after our marriage.