Earthquake baby – Chirag Patel Sep. 20, 2011

On January 26th, 2001; there was a very big earthquake in western part of India (state of Gujarat). I and my wife – Parul were there (Vadodara – our home city) at that time. My wife was 2 months pregnant by then. We were having tea and breakfast in the morning. All of a sudden, the walls started shaking and the floor literally felt wavy. We all rushed outside of house. There was a big green belt area(space left amidst buildings as playground/park) in front. We all gathered there. There were neighbors already present there and some were rushing. It was 7.7 magnitude earthquake which killed more than 19000 people (more info – We felt it for approximately 1 minute. There were buildings shaking. The roads looked wavy. The high tension line cables shook so dangerously that we all were scared of them being broken (they were some 100 miters from where we stood). My wife was still shaking. My parents, brother, sister – all were feeling the calamity. We went in the house after some 15 minutes. Everything went back to normal. In the whole state of Gujarat, Vadodara had the least damage and no death! The city was saved due to calcium rich land surrounding the region. It was India’s Republic day and also engagement day of my wife’s brother. What a day!

I still feel aftershocks occasionally in form of some mischief done by my son – Vrund :). He is our Earthquake Baby!

This whole incident was revived when I felt earthquake right in King of Prussia office on August 23rd, 2011 ( I also felt aftershocks within 2 minutes of the incident.

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