Christmas Star – Chirag Patel

Christmas Star – Chirag Patel December 23, 2009

Whenever Christmas is in vicinity, we tend to think of Jesus, Mother Mary, Christmas Star, Bible, Carols, Santa Cluase… Ever wondered about Christmas Star – white, bright, twinkling in the East at dawn when Jesus was born? (

It is said that three wise men (magi) from east came to the place where Jesus was born and they seemed to follow the bright star in the East of the morning sky. That star alerted them of the birth of some saint or king or messiah!

For almost two millenia, curious people around the globe tried to find that star – Christmas Star. Some thoght that it was a comet. But, in old times, comet thought to have brought ill omen and evil things. So, it could not be a comet. Some believe that the star could be bright as it was an exploding star. Chinese people used to keep track of some visible events in the sky for almost 3000 years. They did not mention any significant event occurring around 2000 years ago. So, some believed that the brightest objects for us – Moon, Venus, Jupiter might have some role to play here.

When we read history, it becomes clear that magi (pronounced MEJAAYI) were the people who used to observe sky and to note astronomical event. They were from Babylon and they were influenced by Indian Astrology at that time. Per that, it is believed (even today) that when Jupiter and Moon are in vicinity, person born with that planetory union, s/he has leadership qualities and is immensely fortunate. It is known as GAJA-KESARI YOGA (elephant-lion union).

Also, some archeologists found coins dating back to 2000 years which have a backward looking mare inscribed one side and Zeus (Greek God – Jupiter) on the other side. This triggered some fusion in some researchers mind. And they found out that in April 17, 6 BCE, Moon and Jupiter were in Aries constellation (zodiac sign) and they appeared in the morning sky in East direction! This union of Jupiter and Moon was such great that Moon actually eclipsed Jupiter. What a scene it would be!

So, we can conclude that Christmas Star was in face a union of Jupiter and Moon. Also, Jesus was born on April 17, 6 BCE. You have all reasons to oppose these conclusions as they are not universally accepted!

Merry Christmas!

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