Portrait of a winner – Chirag Patel

Portrait of a winner – Chirag Patel August 02, 2009

Consider following characteristics for a 24 carat personality:

1) Distinct, Distinguishable and Different
2) Capacity to enjoy and to laugh
3) Freedom from excuses and guilt
4) Freedom from anxiety, tension and worry
5) Living only in present – here and now
6) Self-reliant, self-dependant relationships
7) Freedom from approval seeking
8) Clarity of social values
9) Laughing and spreading joy
10) Serenity to accept reality
11) Understands people naturally
12) Freedom from useless fight
13) Freedom from sickness syndrome
14) Freedom from conventional route
15) Fired by enthusiasm
16) Continuous curiosity and discovery
17) Unafraid to fail
18) Defensiveness free
19) Freedom from boundary bondage
20) Clear priority of values
21) Brutally honest
22) Clarity on long range goals
23) Freedom from envy
24) Love and respect for self

I read these qualities from book long time back in school days and noted down.

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