Value of PI in Sanskrut shloka

Courtay   Rajesh Sathya

 Sanskrit was the language of free thinkers, who questioned everything, and expressed the widest spectrum of thoughts on various subjects. Religion is a Tip of Iceberg if we take the whole Sanskrit literature and most of the Sanskrit literature has nothing to do with religion, and instead it deals with philosophy, law, science, literature, grammar, phonetics, interpretation so on.

Sanskrit has a highly inflected grammatical structure, which contributes to a great conciseness of the language What one can express in Sanskrit in one word, an English speaker often would need four to six or even more words to express the same idea. One Classic Example is the most unbelievable Sloka in Sanskrit and the language alone can do this magic!

This shloka of 32 syllables uses only one consonant and one vowel in the entire verse य (ya) and ई (î).

यायायायायायायायायायायायायायायाया। यायायायायायायायायायायायायायायाया।।

The meaning of the verse is as follows: “The sandals which adorn the Lord, which help in attainment of all that is good and auspicious, which give knowledge, which cause the desire (of having the Lord as one’s own), which remove all that is hostile, which have attained the Lord, which are used for going and coming from one place to another, by which all places of the world can be reached, these sandals are for Lord Vishnu.”

The arrangement of the words of the verse, in their proper prose order: यायाया (yAyAyA), अाय (Aya), अायाय (AyAya), अयाय (ayAya), अयाय (ayAya), अयाय (ayAya), अयाय (ayAya), अयाया (ayAyA), यायाय (yAyAya), अायायाय (AyAyAya), अायाया (AyAyA), या (yA), या (yA), या (yA), या (yA), या (yA), या (yA), या (yA), या (yA).

Now we are come to an Most Interesting aspect in Sanskrit Language! The Pi in Mathematics is represented as a Sloka in Sanskrit! There is a numbering system in Sanskrit called the Katapayadi system. This system ascribes a number to every letter or alphabet in the script, something similar to the ASCII system in computer science. When the letters of the following shloka is replaced with their corresponding numbers from the Katapayadi Sankhya, we get the value of pi accurate to 31 digits.

Now take this Amazing Sloka and we can arrive the digits of Pi accurately!

गोपीभाग्यमधुव्रात-शृङ्गिशोदधिसन्धिग । खलजीवितखाताव गलहालारसंधर ॥

gopIbhAgyamadhuvrAta-shRRi~Ngishodadhisandhiga | khalajIvitakhAtAva galahAlArasaMdhara ||

(Meaning : Oh Krishna, the fortune of the Gopis, the detoryer of the demon Madhu, protector of cattle, the one who ventured the ocean-depths, destroyer of evildoers, one with plough on the shoulder and the bearer of nectar, may (you) protect (us)!)

So, based on the above method, if the letters in the shloka are replaced by the corresponding numbers, i.e. ‘go’ by 3, ‘pi’ by 1, ‘bha’ by 4, ‘ya by 1’ and so on, the following result is obtained:


The number, as obvious, is the decimal representation of pi up to 32 decimal places. How this Pi value is arrived in the Sloka for Krishna, the God only knows!

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